Whether it’s spillage on the carpet in front of the hotel reception or allergy management exercise to remove dust mites for your child’s mattress – we have the solution for you. Our services have been specially designed for different indoor hygiene need from different consumer sectors – residential, hotels, F&B, offices, planes, yachts, etc. Specialising in dry cleaning and sanitizing of mattress, carpet and upholsteries, De Hygienique’s treatments provide solutions to fix cumbersome and unhealthy indoor hygiene problems using world class technologies to ensure safe and effective result.


De Hygienique is Indonesia’s leading indoor hygiene service provider and has worked with many corporate customers from different industries by developing effective cleaning and indoor hygiene solution for them.


After servicing numerous residential homes and becoming Indonesia’s leading indoor hygiene service provider, De Hygienique understands the many common challenges home owners face and the upcoming health issues that are triggered by indoor hygiene poor maintenance.

Through the years of experience, De Hygienique has partnered with medical experts, cleaning technology manufacturers, and other international hygiene experts to develop some of the best and safest cleaning and hygiene control solution that your home would need.

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