Cleaning the interior car upholstery is equally, if not more, important as cleaning and polishing your exterior car.

We spend longer time in the car, breathing in dust and dirt particles from food and air pollution that are trapped within the car upholstery, which makes it more important to keep your car interior clean and hygienic.

If there are children who also sit in the car, they tend to leave behind food crumbs, vomit, or even crayon marks on your car upholsteries, which require immediate cleaning attention if not you will risk having to deal with stubborn stains if you allow them to settle in the upholstery for a prolonged period of time.

Organic remains from food, vomits, urine, etc can also potentially encourage bacteria and other micro organism growth like mould, a potential health and hygiene hazard that also require your attention.

De Hygienique’s car upholstery cleaning treatment can help you alleviate all these problems. We have leather and fabric cleaning treatments for various car upholstery materials to suit your car needs.

Our dry upholstery cleaning treatments is recommended by furnishing retailers so it is safe and effective for your car’s maintenance needs.

How does De Hygienique clean your car upholstery?

  1. Thorough Vacuuming
    Your car interior will be thoroughly vacuumed using our industrial grade vacuum system to remove the embedded dust and dirt particles within the car upholsteries.
  2. Shampooing
    Car upholstery would then be shampooed to clean and refresh the fabric / leather. As we are using unique low moisture shampoo that is 100% Chemical Safe, your car interior will be dry after cleaning almost immediately after cleaning treatment is completed, depending on its soiling condition.
    Leather upholstery would then be moisturized using our unique natural oil moisturing lotion to prevent leather from breaking.
  3. Sanitisation
    After cleaning, your car interior would be sanitized and undergo anti dust mite treatment using all natural orange base product that will kill bacteria and reduce dust mites.

Benefit of De Hygienique’s Car Upholstery Cleaning Treatment

  1. Very Effective
    Our fabric and leather upholstery cleaning treatments have been widely recommended by leading soft furnishing retailers because our treatment is proven effective and safe even for very delicate upholstery materials like silk, cotton, natural leather etc.
  2. Very Convenient
    Leave all the hassle of cleaning your car’s interior to the professional as we will handle the tedious tasks for you.
    De Hygienique’s cleaning treatment is dry as we use low moisture shampoo so the drying time is significantly less compared to conventional shampooing cleaning methods in the market. For light soiling upholstery, your car can be used again after cleaning treatment is completed.
  3. Very Safe
    Our cleaning treatments use only environmental friendly cleaning products that promise to be chemical safe and will not cause any health hazard, even to delicate skin like babies’.

How often should car upholstery be cleaned?

The frequency of car upholstery cleaning depends greatly on the usage practice and maintenance.

A typical private car should get its interior professionally cleaned at least once a year to rid the embedded dust and dirt particles that may not be fully removed during your regular cleaning practice.

For commercial vehicles, vehicle upholstery should be cleaned at least twice a year not only to rid the accumulated dust and dirt particles, but also stains that need immediate cleaning if not risk leaving behind permanent stains that would be unsightly.

If you need more information about De Hygienique’s car upholstery cleaning treatments, please contact our customer service for assistance.

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