Commercial Offices

Office carpet and upholstery maintenance is important as the look of the office represent the image of the company.

In addition, high amount of indoor allergen like dust mite and dirt are trapped within the carpet that can potentially cause harm to staff working in such environment.

Despite the need to regularly clean the office carpet and upholsteries, most companies are putting off carpet and upholstery cleaning mainly due to the inconvenience of drying time after cleaning process.

Some offices have electric wires running below the carpet which does not allow the carpet to get wet. And some companies operate 24 hours which do not allow any down time.

De Hygienique has the perfect solution for you with our award winning dry carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. So, no more down time. Your carpet can be immediately used during / after the carpet cleaning is completed.

We don’t only just clean, we will also sanitise your soft furnishings to ensure you and your staff are working in clean and hygienic environment.

Our Indoor Hygiene Consultants would be pleased to meet you and offer our complimentary onsite assessment of your office.

Please contact our Customer Service Officers for more information about De Hygienique’s dry carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning solution.

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