De Hygienique’s upholstery & sofa cleaning service in Indonesia uses eco friendly sofa cleaning service technology, specially formulatedin Europe to ensure your soft furnishings are effectively cleaned without leaving behind chemical from cleaning agents that can be potentially harmful to you and the environment.

Regular sofa cleaning not only helps to refresh the fabric material after prolonged usage, this maintenance practice also helps to remove unhygienic dust and airborne dirt particles that are entrapped in the sofa set. These rubbish are potential indoor air pollutants as dust and micro organisms that are found together in fabric upholstered furniture can potentially trigger allergies like asthma, eczema, rhinitis, etc.

Regular sofa cleaning also help to upkeep the sofa condition as accumulated dirt and dust in the sofa set tend to make your fabric sofa set looks dull. Once stains and dirt set within the fabric material, removing stains will become very challenging possibly unable to remove them totally. Similarly with leather sofa, unsightly marks caused by body grease, dirt and stains on the sofa set should be cleaned professionally as soon as possible to increase the chance of removing them completely.

Manfaat Cuci dan Laundry Sofa De Hygienique

  1. Very Safe
    This assurance supersedes other promises any other cleaning companies can give. De Hygienique’s sofa cleaning treatment use chemical safe cleaning agents that guarantee to be safe for sofa material, sofa users and the environment. So you don’t have to worry that your fabric sofa will be decolourised or damaged after De Hygienique’s sofa cleaning treatment as the shampoo used in the treatment is so safe that it can be applied on human’s skin!
  2. Very Convenient
    As De Hygienique uses low moisture shampoo, minimal amount of moisture will be applied into your sofa set. This means your sofa will not be overly wet during the treatment and require minimal drying time. Except for heavy soiling sofa, most sofa sets can be used by the time we complete our sofa cleaning service treatment.
  3. No Fabric Shrinkage
    Low moisture cleaning does not only give convenience to sofa users, by minimising the amount of liquid applied into the fabric sofa will also minimise the chance of causing fabric to shrink after the cleaning treatment. Common problem faced by fabric sofa owners is the challenge of fixing removable fabric sofa covers after taking out for cleaning. This is because fabric tends to shrink and the shape get distorted thus making the process of fixing the cover back into the sofa set more difficult.
  4. Very Effective
    Our sofa cleaning service treatment is equipped with a range of cleaning kits to clean and refresh your sofa set. However nobody is able to guarantee all of the stains on the sofa can be removed totally as the effectiveness of stain removal depends closely on the type of stain, the age of the stain, type of fabric, whether there was any other cleaning agent applied on the stain that may alter the nature of the stain, etc.

    So the rule of thumb is to remove fresh stains as quickly as possible and contact professional cleaning companies for thorough cleaning treatment.

How does De Hygienique cleans your sofa?

As fabric furnishings tend to collect dust, sofa sets would be brushed and vacuumed thoroughly when De Hygienique’s team commence their sofa cleaning treatment to remove the embedded dust and dirt that contribute to the dullness of the fabric.

Vacuumed sofa would then be cleaned using a soft rotating brushed that infuse specially formulated low moisture shampoo, promises to be chemical safe and would not damage the fabric. This shampoo is so safe that it can be applied onto our face, and our Hygiene Specialists can prove this to you!

As De Hygienique’s sofa cleaning treatment uses low moisture shampoo that contains more air than liquid, your sofa remains relatively dry during the treatment, unless your sofa set is heavily soiled or stained.

Finally, your sofa set would be sanitised with our patented anti dust mite and disinfectant treatment that uses natural orange oil. This treatment effectively kills bacteria and reduces the re-infestation of dust mites.

For leather sofa cleaning treatment, sofa set would initially be shampooed with our specially formulated leather cleanser and will finish with our leather moisturising treatment that uses natural oil to prevent cleaned leather from cracking.

To get complimentary onsite assessment on your sofa and other upholstered furniture, please contact our customer service officers for the earliest appointment booking.

De Hygienique clean almost all types of upholstery set and material:

  • Leather Upholstery
  • Dining Chairs
  • Fabric Wall Panels

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