Commercial Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial vehicles risk getting soiled with dust, dirt and stains from the high turnover usage by different users / passengers. Unpleasant smell due to smoking is often difficult to remove as tobacco residue is left within the fabric upholsteries.

It is important to maintain the vehicle’s interior upholstery by getting it professionally cleaned and sanitized regularly to prevent unsightly stains and dirt to integrate into the upholstery material which will then be very difficult to remove.

Drying time due to upholstery shampoo cleaning is always a common concern among commercial vehicle owners when considering about vehicle maintenance as this will cause long period of down time, which also means less income.

With De Hygienique’s dry upholstery cleaning treatments that require almost no drying time, you can fret no more. This means that your fleet of commercial vehicles can be used almost immediately after our thorough professional vehicle upholstery cleaning treatments.

De Hygienique offers various car upholstery cleaning treatment packages for different types of upholstery materials and different types of vehicles.

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