About Us Dehygienique Indonesia

About De Hygienique Indonesia

De Hygienique Indonesia was set up in 2006, painstakingly breaking the market to be the first in Indonesia to introduce a professional cleaning service that deliver effective cleaning results using environmental friendly cleaning agents.

Now, we have become Indonesia’s leading cleaning and indoor hygiene service provider, specializing in cleaning mattress, carpet and sofa using various state of the art dry cleaning technologies from Europe, all selected for their revolutionary cleaning results.

We recognize that Indonesia being an emerging developing country, there is a strong need to improve indoor cleaning and hygiene standard to help improve health as individuals and as a nation.

Although the need to clean mattress was unheard of when De Hygienique Indonesia first introduced mattress cleaning treatment in 2006, we are pleased that now more people have experienced and benefitted from sleeping on cleaned and sanitized mattress, through our education and marketing efforts.

De Hygienique Indonesia is an authorized country representative by De Hygienique Asia in Singapore that has made a breakthrough in developing a successful cleaning and indoor hygiene service solution since 2003.

De Hygienique Asia plays an important role in researching and evaluating some of the latest and effective cleaning technologies from around the world to Asia. As of now, De Hygienique Asia’s proven cleaning solution has been well represented in neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.


To become Indonesia’s leading cleaning and indoor hygiene service provider.


Endeavour to improve cleaning and indoor hygiene standard in Indonesia by delivering effective cleaning services using safe and proven cleaning technologies.
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