De Hygienique’s dry carpet cleaning solution has proven to produce excellent rug cleaning results. Persian / Oriental rugs, contemporary long hair shaggy rug, sheep skin rugs, have been beautifully cleaned using our dry cleaning system. Cleaning results produced have always received many nods and appreciation by our customers.

In addition, because De Hygienique’s rug cleaning treatment is dry, customers have the option of having the rugs cleaned in their preferred premise, although rugs are recommended to be cleaned in our workshop so that our rug cleaning specialists can spend longer time to clean and inspect the rugs and ensure that the rugs are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. For rugs that are cleaned in our workshop, it is De Hygienique’s commitment to complete the rug cleaning and deliver to our customers within 3 working days*.

*Heavily soiled and odoured rugs may take longer treatment time

Benefits of De Hygienique’s Rug Cleaning Treatment

  1. Totally Dry
    As our cleaning system does not require wetting your rug, your rug will not risk getting discoloration or shrinking in size after cleaning treatment
  2. Very Convenient
    Rugs cleaned can either be used immediately if cleaning treatment is performed in your premise, or can be returned to you much faster than wet cleaning treatments if rug is cleaned in our workshop.
  3. Very Effective
    De Hygienique has cleaned thousands of rugs, made of delicate materials like natural dyes or animal hairs, and has excellent record in producing remarkable cleaning results.
    Our rug cleaning treatment has been rated as Great Find by Simply Her Magazine in 2008 and received positive reviews by other magazines’ road tests. Leading furnishing retailers have also recommended De Hygienique’s rug cleaning treatments to their customers.
  4. Chemical Safe
    De Hygienique is among the first carpet cleaning company to clean rugs using chemical safe and biodegradable cleaning products which ensure you and your family will not be exposed to chemical residue from the carpet cleaning.
    Exposure to chemicals found in cleaning agents has becoming a concern in the market as research has shown these chemicals may cause health-related problems especially to those who are allergic to these chemicals.

How does De Hygienique Clean Rugs?

De Hygienique’s thorough rug cleaning treatment in the workshop would first agitate the rug and remove loose dirt particles thoroughly. Rugs would then go through cleaning process where biodegradable sponge-like compound would be brushed into the rugs to absorb remaining dirt in the rug.

The brushing action would also help to open and lift up flattened carpet fibre while cleaning the carpet inside-out, to revive its softness again. Chemical safe stain removal would be applied on spots where there are visible stains on the carpet. The compound would be left in the carpet to soak dirt particles in the carpet and will be thoroughly removed and discarded at the end of carpet cleaning treatment.

If the rug release some unpleasant smell, an odour removal treatment will be proposed by our cleaning specialists, which would take additional few more days of treatment to ensure unpleasant smell is neutralized.

Finally, cleaned rugs will be sanitized with De Hygienique’s chemical safe treatment that will eliminate bacteria and other micro organisms like dust mite, mould, fungi, that could be lurking in the rugs.

The result: a thoroughly cleaned, refreshed and sanitized rug.

How often should I clean my rug?

Recommended rug cleaning frequency would depend on usage of rug. If there is heavy traffic on your rug, children / pets at home who may occasionally dirty your rugs with spillage or urine, then rugs should be cleaned 2 to 3 times a year.

If there are children or any allergy sufferers, then rugs should be vacuumed daily and professionally cleaned at least twice a year, as rugs tend to contain high amount of dust and dust mites which often trigger allergies like asthma, rhinitis, etc.

If in doubt and need more information about rug cleaning, you can arrange to meet our Consultants to discuss about your needs. Contact us now for a free onsite consultation.

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