mites, bacteria, mold and fungi inhibit in our soft furnishings? So it is important to regularly clean the carpet, not only to maintain the carpet’s condition, but also to keep a clean indoor environment.

A regularly cleaned and maintained carpet or rug not only looks more presentable, smells better, most importantly, a clean carpet is considered healthier than poorly cared carpet. This is because a well-maintained carpet contains less dust, less airborne dirt particles and definitely less microorganism that are feared to trigger allergy ailments. That’s why carpet is not popular among homes with children as parents are afraid their children will breathe in dirty air particles from the carpet and lead to respiratory illness like asthma.

Thus, it is a good practice to keep up to a regular carpet vacuuming habit so as to remove dust and dirt on the carpet surface.

However, self carpet maintenance is not sufficient if you want to remove stains and to get rid of the embedded rubbish accumulated at the bottom of carpet that can’t be totally removed by vacuuming.

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Benefits of De Hygienique’s Dry Carpet Cleaning Service Treatment

  1. Totally Dry

    De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning service treatment does not use water or shampoo so your carpet remains dry during and after treatment. No additional blower or switching on of air conditioner after cleaning is needed!

    If there is electric wiring below your flooring, only dry carpet cleaning service like De Hygienique’s can solve your indoor hygiene woes.

  2. No Downtime
    Carpet can be used immediately after cleaning as De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning service is 100% dry. So if you are concerned of downtime during carpet cleaning treatment in your property, this will be a good news for you!

  3. Very Effective
    Although De Hygienique doesn’t use water and shampoo to clean carpet, our dry carpet cleaning service treatment has been rated as Great Find by Simply Her Magazine in 2008 and received positive reviews by other magazines’ road tests. Leading furnishing retailers and carpet installers have also recommended De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning treatments to their customers.

  4. Very Convenient
    De Hygienique can clean carpet in any premise that you prefer, anytime, anywhere, totally convenient!

  5. Eco Friendly and Chemical Safe

    De Hygienique is committed to using environmentally friendly carpet cleaning process and biodegradable cleaning products to protect the environment and, most importantly, protect you from being exposed to chemical emitted from harsh cleaning treatments.

    Exposure to harsh chemicals found in many cleaning agents like phosphates is becoming a concern in the market as research has shown these chemicals may cause health-related problems especially to those who are allergic to these chemicals.

    Chemicals found in some wet carpet cleaning systems are also known to create chemical marks that looks like dark patches after the carpet is cleaned and dried. This cause uneven colour tone often seen on large, wool rugs that are laid on hotel lobbies.

De Hygienique’s Carpet Cleaning service clean almost all types of carpet material:

  • Residential wall-to-wall carpet
  • Commercial wall-to-wall carpet
  • Exquisite Oriental/Persian/Iranian rugs, etc

How does De Hygienique clean carpet?

Carpet and rugs would initially be agitated by using a double counter rotating brushes to collect and remove the embedded loose dirt particles trapped in the carpet pile. This step also helps to open up the flattened carpet pile to allow in depth thorough cleaning later on.

Biodegradable micro sponges made of European wood and corn will subsequently be brushed into the carpet to absorb dirt and stains in the carpet. Chemical safe stain removal would be applied on spots where there are visible stains on the carpet. The compound would be left in the carpet to soak dirt particles in the carpet and will be thoroughly removed and discarded at the end of carpet cleaning service treatment.

The above step would be repeated till carpet is cleaned and refreshed.

Cleaned carpet would finally be sanitised using a patented chemical safe treatment that uses natural product like orange oil to eliminate bacteria, dust mites, mould in the carpet.

After De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning service treatment, your carpet will surely look clean and feel soft again.

How often should I clean my carpet?

Depends on the usage and traffic on the carpet, carpet should be cleaned minimum once a year for low traffic carpet and twice a year for carpet with medium to heavy traffic.

Do not underestimate the amount of embedded dirt particles and the thriving micro organisms in the carpet. While vacuuming is a must for daily carpet maintenance and good indoor hygiene practice, thorough professional carpet cleaning service treatment is still needed to remove the embedded “rubbish” in the carpet.

Regular thorough cleaning also helps to remove stains more effectively, if there are stains on the carpet. The longer stains stay in the carpet, the more difficult to remove them.

For more information on De Hygienique’s Carpet Cleaning, please contact our Customer Service Officers for complimentary onsite assessment / consultation. 

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