Disinfectant System

One way to keep the house clean is to kill / eradicate the virus before it infects humans. Various ways include using antiseptics to wash hands and body parts, and disinfectants that are sprayed or rubbed on various inanimate objects that may be exposed to the virus.

Disinfectants are chemicals used to inhibit or kill microorganisms (such as, bacteria and viruses) on the surface of inanimate objects, such as furniture, rooms, and others.

Regardless of the presence or absence of a pandemic or seasonal viral infection, an effective disinfectant for your home is still needed to remove surface viruses and prevent recurrence of infections.

To protect the health and safety of you and your family as our clients, De Hygienique uses EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified chlorine-based disinfectants from the United States. Non-corrosive, safe for both adults and children, and effective.

Steps that De Hygienique takes:

  1. Dusting

Before spraying the disinfectant, we will first do dusting or wiping the disinfectant solution. Disinfectants can be used to clean the surface of objects by wiping the disinfectant solution on potentially contaminated parts, for example in areas we often touch, such as telephone handles, table surfaces, door handles, keyboards, electric switches, and others.

Just like when you clean the house and wipe various kinds of furniture using a cloth dampened with water or cleaning liquid, the dusting steps we take before spraying disinfectants also have the same goal, namely to keep the furniture clean, and at the same time to maximize disinfectant results.

  1. Cold Fogging

After the dusting process is complete, we will start the disinfectant spraying process. In this process, we use the Cold Fogging / Condensing technique. We will spray a disinfectant solution to all areas or rooms in your house and the disinfectant solution that has been sprayed will produce dew afterward. So that it will not wet furniture, paper, documents, and others.

The use of disinfectants with spray or fogging techniques has been used to control the amount of antimicrobial and viruses in high-risk rooms.

The equipment that our staff wear:

  • Disposable PPE
  • Respirator Mask
  • Gloves
  • Face Shield
  • Shoe Protectors

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