Homemade Cleanser for Various Stains on Leather Sofa

Leather material adds richness and beauty in your room, especially when it is used to make a sofa. People all around the world loves to use leather sofa and it makes this type of sofa becomes favorite in many room decoration ideas. If you are one of those who use leather sofa at home, there must be times when stain clings to your leather sofa and makes it looks not pretty. Unfortunately, due to leather’s characteristic, you cannot just wipe the stain with detergent and rinse. Improper chemical will only damage your leather sofa and shorten its lifespan. Nevertheless, do not worry! You can actually do your own leather sofa cleaning by creating a homemade cleanser when you need. Below is some home stuff that you can use to clean your leather sofa.

Basic Cleanser and Conditioner
For low to medium stain, basic cleanser made of olive oil and vinegar is sufficient. This mix will help you polish the sofa so that it can look glamorous and brighter. Besides, this mix is needed to make you feel comfortable while sit on your sofa after cleaning session. You may add some scent oil to make it fragrant.

Protein-based Stain Cleanser
Ordinary water and basic cleanser from olive oil and vinegar will not be effective against protein-based stain cleanser. Still, the ingredients for protein-based stain cleanser are right there in your kitchen. Mix a quarter cup lemon juice with a quarter cup cream of tartar to create it. With this mixture, protein-based stain such as food, mud, blood, etc. will be easily removed.

Alcohol-based Cleanser
Stains like ink, mold, and mildew in a leather sofa are not easy to remove. However, alcohol-based cleanser may work if you have enough patience. Rubbing alcohol, non-acetone nail polish remover, and hairspray can be used to remove ink. Dab rubbing alcohol above ink stain, let it wet for some minutes, and then rinse with water. For heavier ink, repeat several times until the stain completely removed. You can mix rubbing alcohol and water, a half cup each. This mixture will do fine to remove mold and mildew.

leather sofa cleaning
As you can see, leather sofa cleaning is not as hard as most people think. Of course, this is only applied for partial and small area of stain. However, if your leather sofa has heavy stain in most of its part, it would be wiser to leave the cleaning session to a professional leather sofa cleaning service.


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