How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning carpet from dirt, bacteria, and other lewdness, hiring carpet cleaning service truly has some benefits. It is hassle-free. You do not need to prepare anything. Just make a call and then carpet cleaning service will take care the rest. However, there are times when you need to take care of your carpet by yourself. It happens perhaps when you are in a long holiday or when you just want to have a personal touch in cleaning your house. Before you jump to carpet cleaning session, you will need carpet cleaner to make cleaning session easier. That is why it would be wise to know how to choose a suitable carpet cleaner for you.

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Types of Carpet Cleaner
Choosing the right type of carpet cleaner highly depends on how much and how deep the dirt in your carpet is. An extraction cleaner is a type of carpet cleaner that saturates the carpet with water and cleaning detergent. This cleaner is highly effective, but you have to wait for about 24 hours to let the carpet dry. Other type is carpet sprayer. This cleaner type is good for heavy stain removal. It works well by spraying stain spot with chemical agents, and then you can leave it for some time before you rinse it. Another cleaner type is steam cleaner. Steam cleaner is popular in the average household as a standard carpet cleaner. The last type is dry cleaner. Dry cleaner is almost similar to steam cleaner. The difference is dry cleaner uses less water in its work than steam cleaner does.

Size and Features
Size does really matter. It does not make sense if you use small and compact carpet cleaner to clean a mansion. Choose an appropriate carpet cleaner’s size by calculating how wide your carpet area. Other than size, features of a carpet cleaner are also important. Choose cleaner with larger tank so that you do not have to fill water frequently. Compactness is also important. Choose the one which is easy to carry and push because you will never know when you need to bring it up and down stairs.

By considering thoroughly before buying and using the right carpet cleaner, you will find the most suitable cleaner for your need. It is true that carpet cleaning service perhaps already have all cleaners that suit your need. However, cleaning your carpet by yourself will give your personal touch to your house’s clean.


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