Dedicated Customer Service

We value your sales enquiry regardless of any amount. Whenever you contact De Hygienique, you will expect to be served promptly by our team of Customer Service Officers who are equipped with expertise and experience to assist in your enquiry.

One-Stop Solution Service Provider
We understand our customers have unique needs and we commit to assist our customers by customizing a series of indoor hygiene solution that will address your indoor hygiene crisis.

Trusted After Sales Service
We will deliver our upmost excellent service to meet your expectation till we solve your problem as we commit to have a long term relationship with our customers by establishing trust in our relationship with you.



"Hanya ucapan trima kasih untuk layanan customer service yang menyenangkan serta ketanggapan dan kesigapan yang diberikan oleh service consultant kalian pada saat ini."

-Fandy Christian

Cleaning Service

Cleaning System